Does Optimus whitelisting work?

How’s Optimus doing with TD (and other programs like C4D, Unity, etc.) nowadays?

Do the per-program/whitelist dGPU settings work on their own without having to fully disable Optimus?


It is laptop specific. Some laptops have their main monitor connected to the Intel chipset, so even if the calculating of the GPU cooking in TD happens on the the dGPU, it still is fed through the intel chipset to be displayed on screen. This can be troublesome when trying to do multiple screen work. Some laptops have certain outputs like the HDMI or USB-C video outs hardwired to the dGPU, which is good if you only use the external monitor and disable the builtin screen going through the Intel. Some laptops let you disable at the Bios level which is nice, but then you have to go in and out of your bios to setup ‘work’ mode and go back to ‘I need a battery now’ mode. In the end, optimus is a bit annoying still but you can live with it, just know that every laptop is slightly different in its configuration.