Does TD benefice from a 32 core GPU rather than a 16 core GPU on Apple Macbook Pro M1?


I am an art student who wants to work with digital creations. I am upgrading from my 2017 Macbook Air to a more performing portable(!) laptop. The objective is to run Ableton, Rekordbox and Touchdesigner at once with multiple projects open. While still considering to make the switch to windows, I like the Mac os workflow on Ableton and consider the Macbook pro with M1 Pro or Max chip.

Now my question; is the M1 pro chip with 10 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores and 200GB/S bandwidth enough or should I go with the M1 MAX with 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores and 400GB/S bandwidth.

If I understand well TD doesn’t take use of multiple GPU’s right?

Would 16GB of unified memory be enough or do I future proof myself with 32GB of RAM.

If someone could help me with this difficult and expensive decision it would help me a lot!

Always open to Windows laptop options as well, under the conditions that it is portable( <16 inch) and doesn’t lose performance while running on battery.

Thank you, fellow creators

The M1 is one gpu, multiple cores. TD will utilise the resources available.
If you want to run ableton, rekordbox and td at the same time I would recommend the high ram version. It might be fine but your use case is unique enough that the ram could be useful.

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thank you,
I got the Macbook pro M1 MAX with 32core CPU and 32gb of Ram on Apple refurbished. Works amazing and so far not a single frame drop with some audio reactive rendering.