Does Touchdesigner support multiprocess module?

Hey there, trying to start a subprocess that runs a function (not a separate app):

p = multiprocessing.Process(target=multiThreadDownloader, args=(threadPoolSize, urls, cacheFolder, progressQ, outputQ)) p.start()

However, the process is not avlive and exitcode is 1.
Does Touchdesigner support running subprocesses in this way or only by invoking third-party apps?
I also don’t see any errors/output in Textport from the subprocess.

I ran into this a few weeks ago and forgot to submit a bug report! Basically, opening a seperate process using Popen works, and threading works, but opening a child process via multiprocessing appears not to work.

What I think it happening is that when the process is forking, it’s literally trying to fork touchdesigner.exe, as I get errors that are popups telling me I’ve passed incorrect arguments to touchdesigner… This was in experimental 2019.30790 . I think this should get moved to the Bugs forum.

For now, hopefully you can do what you’re doing in threads! In which case I jotted down some notes in this thread : [url]Multithreaded writing to serial ports? - Hardware - TouchDesigner forum

yeah according to this post from Malcolm “TD doesn’t launch a python.exe, TouchDesigner.exe IS python.exe for all intents and purposes”