I’d like a SOP equivalent to the the moviefilein TOP banana. Something that isn’t a typical primitive like a sphere, box, tube, etc. Why not a Dog? Dog SOP. Pretty please? It would be so funny and helpful.

Do you have a cool dog model for us? Nice idea, I think Houdini has a rubber duck and it is great for setting up quick examples.

How about a cat model that’s alive or dead depending on whether absTime.frame is an even or odd number? :slight_smile:

How about a bunny?

3D scan of the clay model with no arms that used to be the default Movie File In TOP’s image?

I’ll make y’all a dog model. Any design parameters I should know before diving in?

Neutral, cute, not too dense but some detail. :slight_smile:

how about a dog that looks like a cat?

I’m partial to a dog that looks like a ferret.

Now there’s something awfully familiar about that dog :laughing:

Wooha that bananadog is brilliant

Utah teapot is classical 3D reference object, I would prefer it over dog

How about a cat-shaped teapot?

I’m adding my +1 for a dog SOP, bird SOP or banana SOP. Tea pot is mad boring!

In the meantime, whilst we wait for a Touch native model, … est_models

  • has a few models you can use in your tests including a cow that is sort of like a dog.

The models on this wikipedia article come from: … epository/

Dog SOP +1. Floating teapots are everywhere. I do love tea, though.