Drag and Drop UI Controllers

I am just researching for possiblities to do my UI-Setup (Buttons sliders and knobs) in a faster and easier way. I just need Sliders and Buttons with a Drap & Drop system, which connects automatically to the values of my operators. Having the possiblity to add a Midi-Learn function would be great.
I found some inspiring applications like:
TDMorph https://derivative.ca/community-post/asset/tdmorph
ZERROR http://404zerror.com/

But TDMorph only has sliders (no Buttons and Knobs) and all the Morphing-UI, which I dont need and Zerror has only Knobs. Did anyone pass by a system, which I am looking for? I cant imagine no one has needed that yet.
I eaven started to think of building my own system, but I already fail when thinking about how to link operator-value via Drag&Drop to a button-component.

I just updated my Lunochod System. With the UI-Designer part you can create widgets via drag and drop. With some alterations you can also change what widget will be created for what component.

For Midi-Learning take a look at my Galileo Mapper family. Also Drag and Drop and fearly easy to use:

Thanks a lot for links. And for desiging it. This is an amazing tool!
I wonder if there are some thing I dont understand, or maybe they are not build in.

  • How can I delete button within a UI Designer Window?
  • Copying a UI Designer Window is only possible via the UI-Compent in the network?
  • I have some sizing problems. Is possible to define the size of a button displayed in a UI Designer Window?
  • I also had some problems when changing the size a widget and dragging it into a displayed UI Designer Window. It show the same widget in different sizes. see attachment
  • Is it possible to turn off the display bar of the widget in th displayed in a UI Designer Window? It takes quite a lot space. I just found the possibility to turn off the display in the network

I would be very happy about information about this topics!

HI, there are several ways to work with the designer. (And i never thought someone might use it the way you do :slight_smile: )
The UI-Designer works by Drag’n’Drop of Parameter and Creates widgets. If you already have the widgets in your network, you can just drop the whole widget into Lunochod (not into a UI-Designer!) to align and resize it without problems.
Every Container (UI-Designer and External Tox) Has some parameter you can acces. With the Parameter Widgetheight you can change the size of the header.

ah, ok didnt know, that I can drop a container directly. Thanks for your help!