Dragdrop_callbacks 2021 build doesn't execute when dropped on parameters

It seems that when a panel using the new drag/drop callbacks system is dropped onto a parameter in a parameters dialog, the built in UI drop methods trump anything going on in the callbacks, and they never execute.

This can be demonstrated by dropping any basically configured dragdrop panel with debug(info[‘dropResults’]) in onDragEnd onto a parameter in a dialog. If the dragItems are a parameter, it behaves like a parameter dropped and the dialog for value/expression/binding shows up. if dragItems are comp, a reference to the dragged operator is made. In neither case does the onDragEnd callback execute, so further manipulation/loggging etc doesn’t seem possible.

Is it possible for the order of operations on the callback to hit before whatever normal methods kick in, or is that asking too much? Regardless, it would be nice if the dropResults ultimately executed, returning that par in some meaningful way

Couldn’t replicate this… callback worked fine for me. Post a file with instructions?

Ok, I solved my own problem a few ways… I was passing the dragItem as a parameter in a way that was hitting the pop Menu.

Can’t replicate the problem I was having yesterday, but here are a few of the solutions I came up with, if there’s a more elegant one I’d like to know about it

This is the use case I have for wanting some sort of bindNorm par attribute that will scale a binding to the pars normMin/normMax attributes

dragdrop normMax.toe (33.3 KB)