Draw a line between 2 input from the same (webcam) video device in (not kinect)

Hello everyone!
I am trying to create some interactive art with Touchdesigner.
What I am trying to do is to connect 2 or more person by a line while they are captured in the same webcam (video device in).
What I am thinking is to get the coordinates of the person in the webcam and change them into Chop? and use those as reference for xy of both sides of the line? Am I thinking in the right direction?
Since I am only using 1 webcam as video device in, not sure how to get coordinates only when there are 2 or more people walk in to the webcam.
Below is an example of what I want to achieve but I have no idea how to get that pink line.

Thank you for any help in advance!!

You could use the NVIDIA background TOP to eliminate everything but persons detected, then have the line drawn between then using something like blob track TOP or maybe trace SOP, and then use that coordinate to draw a line.


Thank you for helping!!! Sadly I don’t have NVIDIA, I am trying to get the coordinates from blob track TOP but figuring out how to get those coordinates, I only need xy but I am seeing u,v,width and height.
Not sure how to get the x and y from the blob track box

U and V are effectively the same thing, it’s just a different terminology