Drawing a Curved Line (Ramp-In and Out)

I am trying to draw two curved lines, the one going up and another one going down logarithmically. What I’ve tried is using a Pulse CHOP with “Ease Out Interpolate”. It first looked fine, but for “Ease In Interpolate”, the height shortened and I can see the rounded edge on the left point of the line; the cap type is none. I am feeling like there must be a better way to draw these two lines not using a Pulse CHOP, If so, could you please let me know what I should try with? Thank you.

Ease Out Interpolate

Ease In Interpolate

My Line Cap Setting

Did you try using the Function CHOP with a linear ramp from, say a Pattern CHOP?

Like this way?

This looks good. Thank you @greg But I have one more quick question. I am wondering if it is possible to make this curve more like one-fourth of a perfect circle? Thank you.

a circle is made from a sinus (for x) and a cosinus with a phase of -0.5 (for y)
So for a perfect quarter circle you just use 0.25 of a period for each.

example using two Pattern CHOPs attached
quarter_circle_from_sinus_and_cosinus.tox (550 Bytes)

@nettoyeur Thank you so much. This really helps!