dropDownMenu widget causes timeline freeze

When viewing the dropDownMenu, clicking on a menu item seems to cause the timeline to freeze for a split second. Same goes for the dropDownButton, except it’s less noticeable.

Build 2020.24520 (Mac)


+1. I get multi-frame drops with any of the drop down menu items, even in performance mode. My guess is because it looks like literally a new opengl window is being created. A great alternative for now would be to have a transparent overlay on the top level of a component for the rest of your project that could ‘host’ the menu texture whenever it’s needed and is always being rendered, but is otherwise transparent. Lining up the menu in the right spot would be the hard part.

+1 for any performance increases to the dropdown menu widget. I’m probably comparing apples to tomatoes here, but the menus in Touch’s native parameter pages are stellar in comparison (re: performance/efficiency). If their implementation could somehow be “styled” via widgets, that’d be quite lovely.

+1 for menu and drop down menu that don’t make the frame rate drop

yes, that is very cunning!


Hey, I just noticed the same behaviour on the (almost) latest td version win 11 x64, td 2022.28040. Hasn’t it been fixed yet?