Dropping fps | TD

hi, everyone;

testing with 5 computers, with Touchdesigner or Toucplayer commercial license (2020.25380), i am having the same problem, as described below:

if I keep TD running for a while in the computer without changing anything in the software it has an abrupt dropping fps after some time. when restarted, everything gets back to normal. but, if I continue changing things during time the fps is at 30 fps fixed.

did anyone had that problem?

the project is to capture 2 NDI sources and send them by syphon. as it is a monitoring solution i dont need to change the software all the time.

thank you!

I would suggest checking all your Windows advanced power/sleep management settings, and make sure all devices are set to full power always.

thank you @nettoyeur
but, actually i am on mac os Catalina.
and all energy and disk settings are set to full performance

do foi think it can be for other reason?

How long is “a while”? Have you checked the temperatures and the clock speed your CPU is running at? It could be thermal throttling?

Or does it happen after an interaction from you? If you do not touch it at all, does it slow down?

hi everyone;

got the problem!
VSync was making this varying fps.
I had this problem to record video, or even dont do a thing with touchdesigner.

with VSync off everything is running fine!
thank you for all help!