DSLR control via TD

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project and I need to control a Dslr camera (canon 250d) via TD.

I’m not talking about getting the video feed, but rather to be able to take pictures and save them in a specific folder on my computer.
I know canon has a software to do that (EOS utility), but I really need to be able to do it from TD.
Canon is sharing a SDK (Software Development Kit (SDK) - Canon Europe) so I guess it is possible to get something working, but I can’t do it myself :slight_smile:

any help ?


hello, I had done that for sony camera via lanc connection and Arduino.
With an arduino and the sdk, thats perhaps possible to do it but that’s not trivial.

The EOS 250D seems to support CCAPI so you should in principle be able to use this Python library to control it via WiFi.

If you look under /examples/examples.py you’ll find a series of examples on how to get info from the camera as well as triggering some of its functions. Never used it myself but seems pretty straight forward.

Good luck!