Dynamic projection mapping on a simple surface

Hi, I’m new at Touchdesigner and might need hep to find info for what I’m trying to do.

I’m projection a video on a flat surface that changes size over time : it’s a diamond shape that contracts and expands following a sensor value. I used KantanMapper to create a simple shape and had in mind to use the sensor value as input in the Scale parameters of the shape, but it does not seem to accept input (I can’t drag and drop the value in there, it does not stick).

The sensor value works well to control other stuff like Geo rotation on an axis… so the problem seems to come from which input Kantan mapper can take in…

Is there another/better way to do change the shape following the sensor value ?

Thanks in advance for any direction I could look into !

Hey PauRu, welcome to TouchDesigner

for 3d projection mapping, it’s easier to use something like camschnappr to get a real 3d understanding of the scene.

This is sort of a complicated project though, the more moving objects you have in your world, the more pieces need to be perfectly measured in the real and virtual world.

It may be easier to create visual graphics that are easier to adjust into position on your model and change according to your sensor values.

Thanks for your reply Harvey. I’m starting to realize that the dynamic surface is not the easiest thing to do in Touchdesigner !

I’m exploring the UV maps possibilties, but might end adjusting the visual rather than the projection surface as you suggest.

Not only Touchdesigner, It will always be difficult to project on moving object in any application.

I have done a lot with dynamic projection and Touchdesigner, it is possible if you spend the time to learn the advanced techniques that it requires.

Here is an example of dynamic projection in touchdesiner from a few years ago:

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Its not difficult to project to moving surface, what is difficult is to know how the surface move…
I have used TD for a dance project with a moving panel but the axe whas fixed so it was easy to follow manually with a virtual grid and a camera inside TD. here a view at 1’00"

And here another volume following with a kinect. There is some lag and inperfection but I play with

Super cool effects indeed. And your portal to another world looks amazing !

I’m going to look into motion controllers at some point… For now I simplified my setup to get rid of the dynamic mapping but i’ll look into more refined solutions when I have a better grasp of Touchdesigner.