Dynamically Control Javascript Variables using TD CHOP data

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently trying to wrap my head around the following process.

I would like to take the output of a Chop (lets say a LFO for example), and assign the data to a Javascript variable. This Javascript variable is then dynamically controlling a CSS property.

I have no problem manipulating the CHOP data that I want, and I know how to have JavaScript talk to CSS. Its the CHOP > Javascript that I need help with.

I have a feeling this will require utilizing something on these pages:

Could someone help me pinpoint what I might need to do here / what I should try exploring?

Here is a pure HTML / CSS / JS example of a similar process I’ve done before:
I’m basically trying to replicate this in TD but using CHOPs instead of something like my mouse position.

Let me know if anything needs to be explained better
Thank you!