Dynamically reference textures using kantanMapper?

I am wondering if there is a straightforward way to dynamically reference textures using kantanMapper? I have a scenario where I have 50 different constants created using a replicator and I would like to automatically assign those to 50 different quads in kantan (numbered in the same order). I would assume this is possible by taking advantage of the usual me.digits syntax.

I have looked into the internals of kantan a little bit. If you create a quad and go into kantan>project>allShapes>item1 (I think item0 is a group) there is a base called “parameters” that contains the texture field:

Does anyone know of a non obtrusive way that I could script this texture parameter to auto populate with the constant TOPs? I would name all of the quads the same but the hard part would be making it work if I have other groups / quads / freeforms that I don’t want this dynamic texture mapping to apply to.

Thinking I could take advantage of the Name parameter that each kantan object has but I don’t know a way of accomplishing this overall goal that would avoid editing the Master Operator that each kantan object is based on.

Any creative workarounds or thoughts would be much appreciated!! Thank you in advance for the help!!

Just watched an awesome tutorial by @alphamoonbase [TouchDesigner Tutorial] Kantan UV Helper that might actually be able to solve the majority of my questions and optimize my project idea. Will still leave this up for a bit in case there are any other solutions I don’t know about.

Hoping others will find this question helpful.

Thank you!