Easing camera to move from one coordinate to another

Hi all! I am trying to get my camera to be looking at one instance and then moving to another smoothly.
Currently, it seems to just be jumping from one instance to another instead of transitioning from one to another. Any chance anyone has any idea how I can ease the camera transition?

SpaceImg.2.toe (17.9 KB)

You might find the blend chop to be useful if you just want to ease between the coordinates that you feed to the camera. Or you can use the Camera Blend comp with a camera pointed at each of your instances and just increment the sequence parameter to blend through them all

One issue you were having is when it switched the channel names where not staying consistent. I added rename chops to fix that. Then to smooth out the transitions I added a Lag Chop and a Spring Chop to give you some options to tweak movement. Good luck!

SpaceImg_amazingrobot.toe (18.1 KB)