Easy way to encapsulate?

Can we encapsulate/de-encapsulate a network into a COMP easily ?

As a beginner, I’m creating a container, with an input, an output and I put all my stuff inside. But Is there an easier way ?

You can select all the ops you’d like to encapsulate, then right click in the network and select collapse selected:

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Thanks a lot.
Very easy, Indeed.

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any practice about de-collapsing ?

cut and pop up a layer, paste. usually blocking things out in a network level while prototyping and then collapsing parts into cleaner segments is the way i approach this, or blocking this out with a number of bases for my segments on the front end and then building the constituent components that way are the move. In practice, I’m rarely if ever ‘de-collapsing’, its not often a thing that i feel is very necessary… once I’ve packaged something in a COMP, its usually got what i need in it, ready to be duplicated/replicated. If you want to access something inside of it, selects or outs get what you need, a concept missing in Max but super helpful organizationally in TD

Thanks for the experience about it. In max, we can double click on a subpatcher as over abstractions (with or without an UI (bpatchers)) in order to view/edit it too.