Edge TOP - comp under input option

One thing I use the edge top for more than anything personally is outlining text so that it can be visible on any texture dark or light. I normally do this by setting the edge color to black (if text is white) and then using an over or composite to place the text over the edge layer.

The edge top has a really nice toggle for placing the edge on top of the input - would it be possible to have a second toggle, or maybe a menu param to choose none/over/under?

I know, I know :slight_smile: a super minor thing, just thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone else has ever wanted this.


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+1 to this, just came to the forum to post the same thing! Exact same use case for me. Although maybe it should just have the new style output options that come with the likes of circle, rectangle and constant TOPs?

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Something like would be definitely useful, but I have been wondering if new Slug library used for font rendering wouldn’t allow for better way of handling “stroke” rendering method? It would be best if nice outline / shadow could be generated right inside of Text TOP.

Definitely could see that, there’s a common use case for outlining other icons more generally too though that weren’t made with the text top.