EDIT: Custom Parameters Lock-Based Preset Engine


I was unaware of the preset engine in the Palette, its phenomenal. It has all of my functionality and much much more. Not sure on cpu/gpu cost, but im sure its faster too.

Im sure this has been done plenty, but not readily shared so Im putting this up.

That being said, Im glad I built mine, because I learned alot… [/b]

If you see any major mistakes in technique please let me know, I made this as a learning experience.

Its a very basic preset engine based on locking chop channels from Custom Parameters.

custom_par_presets.tox (37.5 KB)

custom par presets.PNG

I built it because i like using custom parameters, simple, easy to set min/max, etc… and this is a very quick easy plug and play preset engine for them.

Other preset methods I found were much more time consuming in setup this way you use the native custom Parameter GUI to setup your controls and this system makes it easy to save and recall as many presets as you like, its also got a filter/lag feature to ease the floats.

How to use:

simply use this Base as a starting point for your components… but if you already have a network with custom Pars setup, drop the “Par_preset_engine” base into it, and click the “Initialize Presets” pulse button in its custom par… this will setup the preset page on its father.


  • Add Custom Parameters (right-click, “customize”)
  • Map your controls for whatever you need to the “Parameters” null chop
    Once setup goto the Parameters of the base and on the “PRESETS” page:
  • Select how many presets you want using the “Total # of Presets” Parameter
  • modify your other new custom parameters
  • Save a preset : choose a “Preset #” then hit “Save” pulse
  • Recall a preset : choose a “Preset #” then hit “Select” pulse

The lag / filter system setup is pretty basic, when enabled it will ease between preset triggering, but only when changing presets ( its on accurate timer, then it turns off)

NOTE: I made a basic gui as an example with 8 presets

NOTE: Lag exclude, will exclude any parameters you wish to not be filtered, you should
put any non float parameters here

As I started trying to plug this into my other projects I realized I would have to re-setup all my old parameters, or start from scratch, so I added a script that will setup the “PRESETS” page automatically… so the preset engine base can just be dropped into any network with custom presets already and a preset engine is born.

(Ive updated the original tox)

Where is the file?

There is also a Presets component in the Palette under Techniques. For those that don’t check the Palette often, there are a ton of updates and new components in there, highly recommend going through them (these are usually mentioned in the release notes).

sorry… it was there but not showing up. is there now… BUT:

the preset engine in pallete is amazing!

I cant believe I didnt see it, or know about it… how long has it been there?

It has lag and banks, and delete, and soo much more’

What happened to the Preset component? Will it soon be back? Many thanks!

It was removed from Palette.

They are community alternatives, such as the Preset Engine from AlphaMoonbase: Tau Ceti Preset Engine | Derivative

Or TDMorph from Darien Brito: GitHub - DarienBrito/TDMorph: TDMorph, a toolbox for enhanced parametric exploration in TouchDesigner


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