Edititing a field externally

I am trying to change the “field” attribute of a field comp externally to allow for the entry to be changed either manually by typing or using a chop. I used a chop execute to have that change the data inside the “string” table dat but that doesnt seem to update the content in real time.

I then discovered that the text actually grabs from an attribute within the parent comp (the field comp) which can be seen in an info chop and was wondering if there is any way to change that value directly through an expression or in a script?

The issue seems to be that because I am trying to make an interaction where you drag across the field, the field is selected while the dat is being changed, so when you select off the dat, it resets to whatever is written in the field itself. Is there some way to bypass this behavior?

I’m not sure if this will make what you want to do easier, but we’re generally recommending users move towards the Text COMP in the 2022 release rather than the Field COMP. It has a lot of new features and renders more efficiently to the screen, rather than to a separate texture first.

It doesn’t have a field channel, but it does have a Text parameter that can be be bound to chops, dats, or python object members.

In fieldCOMPs the direct way to change the text in the field is op(‘yourFieldCOMP’).panel.field = ‘new text’

Good to know. For the moment I am trying to work quickly but will definitely consider this in the future. Much appreciated.