Effet de Champ, kinetic installation - 2021-12-12 08:12

Effet de Champ, kinetic installation

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I saw your kinetic installation last month in Paris (104) and it’s really amazing ! Congrats !
I just got one quick question but how did you use Touchdesigner for this project ?

Hi @TSCN_Studio, just a note, you are more likely to get a reply from the author @bunqbox if you mention them in your post.

Hi @TSCN_Studio, Thank you! In this project Touchdesigner sequences the voltages sent to magnets (via Arduino) in order to control ferrofluids shapes

@ben thanks for your advice :wink:

@bunqbox Brilliant ! :raised_hands:
Love your Hard Drive installations too ! I haven’t tested it arduino on Touchdesigner yet, but I will !

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