Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if somebody ever tried to use an eGPU with TouchDesigner.

I am travelling right now and I don’t have my Windows workstation anymore.
I have a MacBook Pro, so I bought an external GigaByte Gaming Box RX580 eGPU.

I selected “perform on eGPU” in the Get Info Windows, but when I open the default patch “NewProject.toe” the FPS is around 32/34.

Does this ever happened to anybody?

What would you recommend as portable eGPU for working with TD?

Thanks a lot!

Hey from my understanding TD works best with NVidia GPU’s.

did you read up on … enclosures

For instance, depending on your OS, you may need to close the lid of your Macbook, also enable “Prefer eGPU” for each app, etc.

But note that not all apps will be optimized for eGPU despite having the “Prefer eGPU” option. I notice this with Apple Compressor for instance. It still uses the onboard GPU of my macbook when I begin rendering instead of using the eGPU.

Today when I connected an external monitor to the eGPU everything worked fine.
I got 60FPS back.

So apparently that was the problem. The USB-C cable has not enough bandwidth to return the signal back to the Mac.

interesting… You used a USB-C cable? not a Thunderbolt 3 cable?

There is often a lot of confusion between the two interfaces. Go forth with care!

This may help: … nderbolt-3

Sorry, yes, it was a very short Thunderbolt 3 cable provided with the eGPU.