Elektron Digitakt / Digitone w/ Touchdesigner - 2020-05-08 12:03

Elektron Digitakt / Digitone w/ Touchdesigner

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Hello @ship_trap :
First of all, excuse me for my shitty English, I’m using google translator to write this :slight_smile:
I have an Elektron AK that I am trying to map with TD. I have managed to map the keys, modulation wheel, pich bend and pressure without problems. What I can’t do is map the rest of the knobs. Please could you tell me how you did it. I’ve been watching your video but I don’t see the part where you explain that.
Thank you.

Can you see the channels in a MIDI In CHOP? Once you get the knob MIDI channels into TouchDesigner then you should be able to connect them to anything you want.

Im trying to connect Digitakt with TD to map each channel. any guides or i can get the file ready or buy it?

Hi @voidkid, You can grab all incoming MIDI channels from a MIDI In CHOP and then map to whatever parameters or controls in your UI that you want.
For a primer on working with MIDI in TouchDesigner, checkout Matt’s 4 part series for getting started with MIDI here: TouchDesigner | Working with Midi 1/4 - YouTube or if you want more advanced and varied topics I recommend looking through all the tutorials tagged #MIDI here: MIDI – AllTouchDesigner

Hello and sorry for the late reply.
What you are looking for is a Midi-setting for the encoders on the AK.
see this screenshot:

when you set this you will see the encoder changes in your midi monitor in TD.
and can map them to whatever you like.
14bit controllers will show up as lsa + lsb combo but all you need is a math chop
to combine them;

On the digitakt/digitone this can be found in:
settings / midi / parameter output / encoder dest
and here i had to switch the setting to INT and EXT

on newer elektron devices (model samples, model cycles) this setting can be found in
settings / midi / midi filters / ENCS and set this to I+E

if it is any help you can grab my project files here:
shiptrapMIDI_tutorial.zip (128.8 KB)


Many thanks for the files, exactly what I needed.

Hi there! There is some gentle soul that can help me to set my Model:Cycles to TouchDesigner?

same here, i am looking to connect my M:C to touchdesigner

How are you two connecting, via MIDI?