Eliminate connecting lines in CHOP to SOP (image)


Anyone knows the method for eliminate this connecting lines when converting from CHOP to SOP?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

The geometry are alembic splines!

Oye, that looks like a fun challenge! what sop format are those lines? are they just regular sop lines? or bezier? Is there any other sop data like color, or alpha, or uv, that describes which lines are real lines, and which are “connecting” lines?

You might be able to simply turn the alpha to 0 and render with transparency or something on the segments you don’t want to see.

Alternatively, you could pass that through a script sop to do some heavy duty code based processing, but that won’t be performant at all.

You might depending on the structure of the sop, use the angle of the line, or the slope of the segments etc to do some grouping, but still seems like your results will not be error proof 100%.

Is this realtime? or non realtime?

They are animated Alembic splines from c4d. I plan to further parametrizating them on the graph with sop operators and transforms, but it seems the chop to just connects the endpoints.

This it’s an r’n’d I’m making for interactive laser show, where I combine parammetric stuff done with sops, with splines which are more art directed and difficult to do in Touch , that I jut I do it on c4d for further parametrization.

Ahh I see!

I’m not too familiar with Alembic splines or c4d, sorry can’t help much there.
I did take another look at the sop on the left in the photo, is it intentional that the import came in with some lines having normals facing one way, and other lines having normals facing another way? (or are they simply not set on some segments?)

if that’s intentional, maybe a way to use the normal direction as a mask for the alpha in a point sop or something.