Embedding network editors in a panel COMP

It would be amazing to be able to embed a network editor pane inside a panel COMP.

It would make it much easier to create specialized editor tools, or adding toolbars to the TD UI, or all sorts of stuff.
You’d create a container, add some widgets around the sides, and stick a network editor in the middle.

It’s sort of an extension of the idea of the Parameter COMP, bringing elements of the native TD UI into the user-editable realm.


Another option that might be easier to implement would be to allow user created components to be placed in the side panels of the main interface window. It would be like a customizable version of how the timeline at the bottom of the main window is a panel COMP.

It wouldn’t cover all the use cases but it would be useful.


+1 to both of these ideas. But especially the first. ‘Network Comp’, where mouse input works but with the ability to embed the texture in perform mode applications would be FANTASTIC. Understandably, some of the performance gains of perform mode would go away, but for editor / meta apps built on touch this would be a huge help.

+1 as well. Would be super useful for some of my more complex projects where it would be useful to navigate through networks when needed when I have my perform mode UI open.

+1 for this, was trying to implement it in a project today, then after a lot of searching discovered the network viewer does not have a COMP equivalent :frowning:

+1, to add to the parallel of the parameter COMP, would be neat if the network COMP could be feature limitable, ie not allowed to go up or down levels in network, or cannot delete nodes, etc, then we could start exposing users of the software to this “network editor on rails” type of thing. Granted, that’s probably a lot of work :slight_smile: and after enough desired customization it does make sense to just build your own node editor to suite your needs.

One can dream though!

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