Engine Comp - no TOP output

I made a Container with a Rectangle TOP and an LFO CHOP.

I attached both to their Outs.

I attach nulls to the Container and see both the CHOP and TOP out.

I export my container as a .tox and load it into the Engine COMP.
EngineTest.toe (4.1 KB)
test.tox (574 Bytes)

CHOP out works.

But TOP out is showing nothing.

What have I done wrong?

Hi - can you provide more details:

  • OS and OS version
  • hardware including GPU
  • TouchDesigner version

I didn’t even consider hardware as an issue… I thought I was just being a newb again.

Windows 11 22h2 2261.2428
TD 2022.35280 Commercial

Those are the same as my desktop where I have no issues.
But my laptop gfx card is:
Intel Iris Xe
I have a 3070 ti in my desktop.

I’m pretty sure that’s the issue.

Appreciate the tip!

Ah thanks - some Intel cards are less well supported. We should still report an error at least, we’ll take a look at why we’re not.

@goblynn93 could you tell us the model of Intel Iris Xe - is it an integrated or discrete GPU?

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@goblynn93 oh and could you confirm your Intel graphics drivers are up to date too, thanks!

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It is an Asus Zenbook with integrated GPU. The CPU is an Intel Core i7-1165G7. The Intel webpage for the CPU just says Xe Graphics with nothing else specific.

I thought I was up to date… The driver I was using was the latest provided by Asus, but Intel had a newer driver available with an OEM driver warning for my machine.

I loaded the latest Intel provided driver and the issue is gone. I now have video with my Engine Comp.

Hopefully the OEM driver warning is nothing and I didn’t break something, but I am happy this is working.

Much appreciated!


Great, glad to hear it’s working.