Engine COMP sometimes glitches and switches outputs when running at different FPS than main project

Hey all, I’ve got a weird bug in a recent project. When my Engine COMPs are running at a different FPS than the main project, sometimes the outputs of the Engine COMP glitch and get switched - anyone know what might cause this? Included is a project and a TOX that have this behavior on my machine…

To emulate this, I made multiple Engines that are being hogged, while the main process is running at a smooth 60 fps.

I’m on Windows laptop, GTX 2070 Max-Q on the latest stable release… (2021.12380).

engineFramSwitchBug.zip (5.8 KB)

Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean:

Thanks, was able to reproduce and have logged this bug.

Thanks @ben … any workarounds in the meantime that you might know of? :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is a pretty weird performance bug/issue. You could make it just 1 output with the images side-by-side and then divide them on the outside (crop etc) but that is a dirty hack. :wink:

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Depending on the context, I prefer to use spout instead of the built in TOP transfer - it very much depends on the use case though!

You will probably have some issues, but a different set of issues that might be better for your implementation :sweat_smile:

Actually, I just had this happen for the first time today with 2 engines, nothing out of the ordinary, other than a single frame of large cook time during a video load within one of the engines. I would have to verify, but this might actually be happening only on the TOP viewers, and not downstream? I’ll post if I can replicate consistently.