Enttec open DMX problems

Dear People or staff of TD,

I really need help!

Im working for some time with touch now and I love it. Now I bought a Enttec DMX Open USB, but I can’t get it to work in TD. The DMX Out Chop recognizes it when I select the Enttec USB Pro or the Enttec USB MKII, but I cant controll the channels, it just does random stuff :frowning:

In other software it works fine, but I’m only working with TD and want to keep everything in this software.

Is there a way to work around this?

Thank you for reading this,


Hi, The OpenDMX is not supported by TouchDesigner which is why it won’t work.

Please do not double post the same question in multiple categories, I deleted your other posts.


Thanks for your response! Okay that sucks! I thought it uses the same chip as the pro.

O sorry I did not know where to put it!

Have a great day!

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Ohoh, no i just receive mine and look at the forum to know why it doesn’t work !

I think it need to be notice on the wiki : DMX Out CHOP
Because i read it before buying.

And a sense like that are really enthusiastic : “The DMX in TouchDesigner was developed on the ENTTEC device, namely their DMX USB Pro and DMX over Ethernet devices, but it should work for many devices and software that support DMX/Art-Net/sACN.”

Be sure you download the correct drivers. You should see status lighta of you have it correcly installed. Also you must always send 1024 channels and integer values at max frame rate of 44hz.