enttec open dmx usb

Hi All,

looking to do some integration of a few DMX fixtures with an upcoming performance, and am looking for the simplest and cheapest, solution. It looks like allot of folks are using the enttec DMX pro Mk2 interface, but I don’t see much here about the open dmx usb. It appears from their site that it relies on the FTDI chip, so its just a COM port that is accessed, so I am guessing that it’ll work, but would love to hear that someone else been successful with it…

We don’t have access to a mk2 yet, apparently it works but for only 1 universe right now. See this thread:
derivative.ca/Forum/viewtopi … mk2#p21510

The DMX-USB Pro (old one) and the Open DMX Ethernet are fully supported, they are the devices we used for development of the DMX CHOPs.

I have the ODE, and it is great. You can use a wireless router and send the signals from laptop via wireless ethernet to router, and then hardware to the ODE device. This way your laptop doesn’t have to be physically near the DMX device.

What about the Enttec opendmx USB ?
enttec.com/index.php?main_me … s&pn=70303

Is it supported by Touch ?

Seems like it uses the same FTDI USB chipset, so likely. But we havn’t tested it.

We’re using the ODE ethernet to DMX box on a project right now.

I have a Enttec OpenDMX USB and can’t get it to work properly with touch designer. values around 180 on any channel seem to strobe my light dependent on the Rate value I set in the DMX Out. The DMX works OK using the Enttec OpenDMX USB with Q Light Controller software so I can only guess it is TouchDesigner problem?.. although note that my light is a cheap chinese LED PAR not professional quality.

I am having a similar issue. Using open DMX and FTDI chip drivers, I can’t seem to get my moving head light to respond. I have static values (0-255) on each input channel in order using a merge chop so that I have all my channels in the order I want, then feed that into my DMX out. I’ve set all the static values properly based on the included channel mapping sheet that came with the light. I can see my open dmx device, and it’s selected as output, and I get a data transfer light showing the frames are updating. But I get nothing on the light. I’ve even tried a wave on each channel to vary the value from 0 to 255 on loop and the only thing I’ve managed to get was the light tilts 180 degrees very occasionally. I’ve set the address on the light to start at 1 as well so I know it should be doing something. Any ideas? I thought maybe it’s because the wave was throwing float values, but when I use the static values on the channels I still don’t get any response.

my open dmx works fine in q light controller plus, as does the moving head light


wondering about a couple things:

  • do you have a second dmx device that can act as a dmx input so you can see what the seperate channels are actually sending?
  • is there a monitor app you could use to see if your DMX device is receiving any data from TouchDesigner
  • are you using a non-commercial version of TouchDesigner which is limited to 32 DMX channels and your light needs more then 32 DMX channels or is the address 1 above the first 32 DMX channels?


I’ll have to track down a second device (or build one) for dmx input. I think qlight controller can receive dmx on the opendmx device as well, but once again I’ll probably need to source a second one. I AM using the non-commercial version of the software, but my light has a maximum of 20 channels, but I’ve tried it on the 10, 12, and 20 channel modes all with zero luck.

Any updates on Open DMX? Mine DIY FTDI based controller doesn’t work. But it work as Enttec Open DMX with another software such Q Light Controller and Freestyler DMX.

Hi there,
I am also interested in openDMX usb, cause I did not get it to work,
did anybody solve the issue?

No change to report. We haven’t been able to revisit support for this device in the last few months.

I found a workaround solution through midi (not for commercial purpose),
using MidiOut CHOP -> LoopMIDI ->FreeStyler

LoopMidi simulate midi cable connection via software,
FreeStyler is a light control software that convert midi signal to dmx

So far is doing his job

Hi Gionniz

I’m trying to use this work around, can you give me any more details on how to set it up?

For those using mac, inspired by @gionniz solution I did something similar using the mac IAC Virtual Midi and TD Midi Out CHOP.
On “Audio MIDI Setup” go to “Window/Show Midi Studio”. Double click the IAC Driver to open its window and check “Device is online”.
On touch designer select the IAC as the output device.
Now you can connect a constant to a math (to control value range) and a midi output chop. Naming is important so on the constant channel name should be like ch1c1 for channel 1 controller 1, or ch1n1 for channel 1 note 1.
You can use this to control Open DMX compatible software like JV Lighting DMX Control.