Environment Light / PBR rendering cyan/blue

I have set up a very basic PBR MAT with an Environment Light COMP render here:

No matter what I do, the render looks cyan/blue.

CyanRender.toe (4.2 KB)

Please delete if this isn’t a bug.

Interesting. I just tested your file in Windows build 2020.26630 and 2020.42700 and could not reproduce this issue - it looks white here. In case of weird issues the first thing I usually do is update my video card drivers, I’d recommend trying that first.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I have the latest Nvidia driver 457.09 as of 10/29 for my GeForce RTX 2070.

Sometimes, the light will work correctly until I change an arbitrary parameter somewhere in the network, then the Env light will go blue and won’t change back.

Hello, I tried your project on my MSI laptop with GTX1070 and white is white.
Just a side remark, I use only Studio nVidia driver and avoid Game driver. Actual studio driver is 456.71, perhaps can you try to downdate it?
(I also downgraded TD to 26630 because 27390 crashed with actual project)

I switched over to the Studio Nvidia driver 456.71 and it seems to be working for now. Thank you.

And it’s still happening. I change constant1 and the environment light goes cyan with no return. Could something be wrong with my gfx card? It is basically brand new.

Hey, I notice you have your PBR MAT’s constant values set to (1,1,1). Does this issue still occur if you leave that a the default (0,0,0)?

I have same problem in build 2020.42700.
Geometry color changed to cyan when changing the environment map or changing the value of Level
TOP connected to the environment map.
I relaunched my toe file, the problem no longer occurs.
So I guess that’s why you guys can’t reproduce the bug.

I couldn’t even reproduce the bug because I relaunched it before taking a screenshot.

Does the issue occur if you start a fresh file and take the same steps? If so, could you post a video or write out the exact steps you took?

At the time, yes this did happen if I created from a fresh file. I haven’t run into the problem since a few updates ago, however.