Error DAT is saing severity = warning, while its python callbacks are reporting severity = error

I am not sure if this is a bug or if I just misunderstood something (please feel free to redirect to proper category if not bug). Nevertheless I feel a little disoriented when looking at Error DAT warnings / errors due severity to mismatch between actual DAT viewer and python callbacks.

Lets say I place something like Render TOP in my scene and no Camera COMP is provided. Render TOP shows yellow warning icons in top right corner and Error DAT is displaying messages with severity warning. Looks good at this point.
But then I look at python callbacks from Error DAT and see that reported severity is 2, which means error based on this line:

# severity - describes the level of error (0=info, 1=warning, 2=error, 3=fatal)

This seems a little odd to me, so I thought I might let you guys know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @monty_python

Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into it.


Great, thank you very much