Error: instance texturing not supported on Geforce 970

Hello Everybody,

Since I’m updated to the newer build,
I have following error:
instance texturing not supported on this GPU, Requires Nvidia Kepler Level GPU or Newer.
However its a NVidia GTX 970 installed on my computer.

Current build is: 59620

Have you tried updating Geforce driver?

First thing I done 0 reinstalled the drivers…

Does the machine have an integrated intel chip as well? In the nVidia Control Panel you can go to manage 3d settings and force TouchDesigner to use the High powered nVidia GPU.

I’m also having this same issue with an NVIDIA card that has the Turing GPU architecture. @sdward04 the card you have is using the Maxwell GPU architecture. Did you ever get this to work?

@tomsepe_212781 If you have a laptop with Nvidia Optimus technology there is a chance you are running TouchDesigner on your onboard Intel videocard to save battery power. Check your laptop settings to make sure you are running on on your nvidia card. Usually there is a setting for graphics power where you can switch between Hybrid (=Intel) or Discrete (= nvidia)

@tomsepe_212781 What card specifically? GTX or RTX? Have you got recent drivers?