Error interfacing with Ableton live 11

I am getting this error for sending a MIDI note, may I understand what the error exactly is and how to fix it?

Hey @AnishaGhosh

On the CHOP Execute DAT, can you look at the top right of the parameter dialog, see the following screenshot, and see if you have the Python logo or a T ?

If it’s a T, click on it for it to switch to python and give this another try.


Hi Michel,

It is a Python logo, gave it another try but no luck!

Any chance you share your file with us and point out how to reproduce it?


Sure!! I’m attaching the file along with a video of how the interaction should work.

Interaction: Once we open the panel view, we should be able to click and drag our mouse across from left to right and we should see each color bar changing it’s transparency as we move through them with our mouse held down. I wanted each bar to correspond to a drum note in Ableton. Also, I’ve been having issues with the panel view not showing what over1 TOP is displaying. (23)

I’m using the 909-Core drum kit on MIDI channel 1 in Ableton, nothing fancy. Let me know if you have questions!
TDAKinect.toe (124.9 KB)

Hey @AnishaGhosh

On chopexec1, switch the Content Language parameter from TScript to From Input or Python

This should fix the issue with the code not being able to run / bug when trying to send out MIDI.

You don’t seem to have an shortcut called “tdKeys” in the project you sent me though, so it wouldn’t fully work yet but I’ll let you have a look at that first.


Thank you much Michel, tdKeys is the MIDI chop in my tdableton package that I’m trying to refer to, attaching screenshots, let me know!

Unless you are using a shortcut, which doesn’t seem like it, you would use op('tdAbletonPackage/tdKeys') to get to this COMP from that CHOP Exec.

That worked!!! Thank you so much! But, for the future, how do I create a shortcut?

Details on how to setup and use shortcuts are available here for Parent shortcuts

and here for Global shortcuts

Note that their use depends largely on the project architecture. We usually suggest avoiding heavily relying on global shortcuts as they create dependencies around the code that are hard to keep track of and cause the code to not be the most reusable across projects.

It was recently discussed here: RFE: Make default expression of all new COMPs' Global OP Shortcut be be `` - #9 by lucasm


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Thank you so much for your awesome help !! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

As an aside, are you trying to do something like the “multiLevels” component in the palette. where dragging the mouse around changes levels. To make midi notes go on/off when you drag over a new bar, put a DAT Execute DAT on the node called “last” and activate you midi commands or whatever when the cell value changes.

@greg That’s a great suggestion! I will try it out!