Error on deleting custom parameters

After deleting custom parameters got error in console, but everything works.

		pageindex = me.parent().customPages.index(inpage)
		page = me.parent().customPages[pageindex]
		for i in
				if 'Scrpt' in

here is log:

File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/internalCallbacks", line 89, in onInitTable
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/ListerExt", line 1372, in onInitTable
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/ListerExt", line 1193, in InitCell
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/ListerExt", line 1474, in SetCellText
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/ListerExt", line 2316, in DoCellCallback
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/CallbacksExt", line 186, in DoCallback
  File "/sys/TDDialogs/CompEditor/pagesAndParameters/listerPars/config/callbacks", line 38, in onSetCellTextParName
td.tdError: Invalid Par object.

This is the component editor being confused by your deleting parameters externally while it’s editing. Not a big deal but I’ll take a look at some point

Oh, closed component editor fixed that. Thank you!

I couldn’t replicate this. Do you still have the file where it happens?