Error opening PLY file

Hello everybody!

I have a PLY file from the Scaniverse that works perfectly on my Macbook.
However, when I tried to open it on my Windows laptop, it said, “fail to open file: error opening PLY file.”

Anyone knows if it is a problem on my laptop or my file?

Thank you so much in advance :grinning:

Best to add a download link to the file in question


Hey @wasupollee

Yes please share the file here or to support email.


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Hey guys, thank you for replying.

I just found this post, and there is a solution.

I cannot open the file because the language of my folder name is not English.
After I changed my folder name to English, It worked!

Hi @wasupollee,

what version of TouchDesigner are you working in? This should be fixed in the current official.


I use TouchDesigner.2023.11290 non-commercial version.