Error when importing animated fbx

Hello everyone,

I’ve found this tutorial the other day and wanted to apply it to an animated instead of a static model.
Unfortunately I got stuck quite soon, I am quite new to TD. When connecting the FBX node to a transform node (in fact, any node), it shows only bars in various colors (a representation of the animation settings it seems). So no image content reaches the next node. also when I add the following nodes as suggesetd in the turial, e.g. a geometry node, the render view shows the standard 3d object instead of my model.

Thank you in advance!

here the error code

Hi @Gremmidemmi,

the output of a FBX Component is in most cases the animation channels. The geometry contained within the operator, can be selected out using a Import Select SOP and animated using a Deform SOP referencing the FBX COMP as the “Skeleton Root Path”.

To avoid confusion between the different Operator Families, how they interact and what they are used for, we encourage everyone to have a look at the concise curriculum for TouchDesigner fundamentals available from our website here:


Hi Markus @snaut ,

thanks for your swift response, its much appreciated. Meanwhile I had a look at the link you proivided, which will be helpful in the long run but didn’t clear up much for me concerning this specific problem.
I tried out different ways to connect the nodes as in the picture below, but that doesn’t seem to work. Could you help me a little further?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Gremmidemmi,

for the Import Select, you still have to specify the path of the Geometry you want to retrieve by clicking on the triangle menu button beside the “Geo Path” parameter.

When you encounter errors such as that, you can also middle-mouse click onto the operator with the error to see what it is erroring on.

Attached a file with the example setup.

fbxExample.tox (22.8 KB)