Etherdream V2 not spitting anything


I’m trying to troubleshoot why my recently purchased Emma laser with ilda, it’s not ablle to work.
I polled the ip adress and port from the etherdream Dat, corrected in the etherdream chop.

I disabled the firewall completely for avoid obstructions, and setted the Emma laser to DMX (in the manual says DMX its the same mode as ILDA in the menu…weird.

The model of my laser it’s

Hey @nosebleed,

when referencing the Etherdream CHOP with a Info CHOP, do the etherdream_* channels show any data?


Hey master!

Thanks for the answer.

With the info CHOp, I get this:

I tried with the plug and play software Modulaser (, and when I connect it says laser DAC not found.

I have both the usb cable and the etherdream cable connected (not the power cable of the etherdream, because I don’t have the european plug adapter). Can be this? it needs to be connecetd to the power cord? (with the usb it seeems it gives power.

Another variable of failure it can be the ethernet cable, I picked the first one I found at home…it needs to be some kind of specific cable??

hope with all this variables we can find asolution, because it’s quite frustrating…

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ah, I see there’s a .dll download in the etherdream v2 page. Where I need to place it??

Hi @nosebleed,

You don’t need to place the dll, it’s included with TouchDesigner.
I unfortunately don’t have access to a etherdream2 and documentation on the etherdream website is a bit thin, yet I never tried using the USB cable to power it - always used a power adapter. The website hints to the necessity of a power supply as well:

Power supply: 8V to 25V DC, via screw terminals or standard 5.5mm jack

Does the IP address reported in the Etherdream DAT make sense for your network? Are you going through a splitter?

When testing we the setup is usually:
PC -> network switch -> etherdream -> laser

But yeah - I would say, first thing would be a proper power supply


Thanks Markus, gonna do more troubleshooting once I have the plug adapter. I don’t have anything bettter to do…Barcelona it’s in complete lockdown.

The ip and ethernet stuff it’s and unknown territory to me, so maybe have a read on this as well…

Thnks, I’ll keep the progress updated, if it’s useful for ther people.

Well, after I recieved the adapter for the etherdream power supply, and connected to my internet modem , it’s working perfectly with modulaser app, it detects the DAC, and it plays it well.

In Touchdesigner still i cannot make it work. The etherdream DAT poll doesn’t match with my ip adress (the one that I get wit the cmd ipconfig in my computer console. It gives me another ip adress.
Even I tried with both, no one it’s working, and the info chop on the etherdream says that the Ether it’s off.

Obviously the etherdream it’s working on modulaser, so it’s just a matter of Touchdesigner settings now, everything it’s fine on the hardware side…

Hi there,

any news about Etherdream working correctly? I’m stuck with V3 by now…all the setting(network, latest driver etc.) is ok but Etherdream to Info chop shows no data/connection…tried on Mac and Win10… :frowning:
thanks in advance…