EtherDream V2

hi there!

Does anybody here uses the EtherDream V2 successfully in TouchDesigner?
Protocol is the same so it should work flawlessly.
Any experience?

Thanks you!

We do not have one in house but some people have reported it works well!

Just starting using one a while ago. I don’t know exactly the specifics of the expected behavior as I never used a v1, but everything seems to be behaving properly.

It works well. I don’t know why you have problems with it

Hi Guys,
I recently just invested in an etherdream v2 and was wondering if you might have any tips on acquiring the IP address i need to input to the dmx-out CHOP…I have run ‘sitter’ as recommended on other laser related forums but it does not give me any information…currently I have the etherdream connected by both usb and ethernet to my laptop and then ILDA to the laser…am I just being really silly and not realising it is simply my own computers IP that I am supposed to be putting in or am I missing a step somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am really excited to start playing with lasers!

Polling on the EtherDream DAT should list the available EtherDream devices, including their IP.

Just to check, you need to send data via the Etherdream CHOP, not DMX.

This might help get you started: