Etherdream vs Shownet

Hi all,
I am working on a project in theatre and I need to connect 2 lasers to my TD network. Now I am looking for best hardware solution. I am only interested in ethernet connection, so Helios DAC is not what I am looking for.
Is anyone tried Etherdream DAC? Is it stable DAC? Is it a problem to connect two controllers to one network? Is anyone tried Shownet controller and is it stable in context of TD? Which one is better- Etherdream or Shownet?
I am gonna use Windows 10 machine with last TD build.

Thank you!

Stability-wise I’d say they’re equivalent. Device discovery is more streamlined in ShowNET since the devices are auto-discovered and populated in the drop-down menu, whereas EtherDream device discovery is done manually via the EtherDream DAT.

I don’t expect you’d have any troubles using two of either device on one network. ShowNET supports up to 16 concurrent devices on a network – not sure what the exact limit is for EtherDream however.

One big difference would be in the max points per second supported by each controller. I think EtherDream has a max of 30kpps, whereas some ShowNET devices can support up to 100kpps, notably the devices with onboard DACs.

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