Eurorack CV and touchdesigner

Hi, i have a modular system eurorack and a scarlett 18i20 with adat, I would use expert-sleepers module es-8 or es-3+es6 but I don’t understand how you get the control voltage in TD. Do I have to use audioIn Chop or do I have to first go with vcvRack and cvOsc ?
Do I need a CV to midi module ? lots of interrogation :wink:
thanks for you advice.

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Hi, i made a TOX for that same purpose.
As im a new user i cant upload links. But yeah its a audiodevice in CHOP.

Yes, you have to use the audiodevice in CHOP.
You can also run a VST in ableton(see the expert sleepers site), that converts the input from the expert sleepers to osc and use the osc-in chop in TD instead.
The xperts sleepers will work well, but if you use all 8 channels this will have an impact on your performance in TD; but you can reduce the sampling rate to counter-act

There is also the instruo aither module; With this you get the conversion cv to osc on the eurorack site; it has 4x cv in, 4x out and 1x gate in 1x gate out. sadly, its out of production and i haven’t seen one on modulargrid for a while.

And there is the befaco cv thing, which converts cv to midi(also 14bit, but it will split the midi in 2 lsa, lsb signals in TD). I haven’t tried this one.

i dunno it its any help but here is a schematic of how i set it up for my system.

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