Event chop/movie offsets

Is it possible to instance moviefilein chops and specify different offsets for playback in each instance?

I currently have moviefilein chops as phong textures instanced by a midifilein --> event chop network

The Event Chop documentation says you can “send event information to the SOP via the Event CHOP channels that get transformed into geometry channels like tx , ty , scale , texture v (giving movie time offsets), alpha, r, g and b colors.”

All of that works fine in the instancing except texture v (which simply offsets the image itself, not the playback time).

Hi @psh_vt,

That must be a typo and should probably say w - in which case given that you preread your movie into a Texture3D TOP, you could access different frames via the texture w coordinate. When using the Texture3D TOP watch out for the difference between 3D Texture Map and 2D Texture Array. To access a frame of a 3D Texture Map the frame index has to be normalized between 0 and 1 while a 2D Texture Array allows accessing a frame by actual frame numbers (0,1,2,3,4…)


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Thank you! That does the trick!