Example Toxes



New TouchDesigner tool for those of you looking to meander through some examples.

Pull this whole repo and find example_explorer.toe in:{your_local_directory}\td_fb_forum_examples\example_explorer

All the examples I’ve collected appear as a list on the far left, read me docs display in the middle viewer, and the example network shows up on the right. The network should take you to the home location in the example once it loads (Thank you Elburz).

As a bonus this has a functioning list comp that you’re welcome to pillage.

Only a single example is loaded at a time to try and keep things optimized.

If you’re teaching a course and could benefit from re-purposing this network design for assignments or examples please feel free.

I’m also working on an opsnippets rebuild using the same kind of organization… will share once it’s finished.

+1 amazing resource

Richard was kind enough to be a test subject on this - forked the repo, then put in a pull request.

Worked like a charm.

I’ll work on putting together some general guidelines about how to contribute - formatting, documentation, etc. And add that into the read me for the repo. Happy to take submissions for those interested in contributing.

Hello, I’ve downloaded “td_fb_forum_examples-master” and copied to TD installed folder, where it should appear in TD? Can’t find it.

Hi smbv,

This project doesn’t need to live in your TouchDesigner folder - it can be anywhere on your computer. You should find a toe file called example_explorer.toe. Launch this toe file to see the project. Does that all make sense?

Yes, it makes sense now, is it possible to install it somewhere where it always appear on the left side panel? I’m new to TD sorry for newbie questions.

As it’s currently built, not really - though that is an interesting idea.

The feature in Touch to look into is op-snippets. From the help menu you should see a menu item called operator snippets - this gives you a look into examples for many operators in the TouchDesigner tool-kit and can be very helpful.