Examples on Lister COMP examples page don't work, doc outdated

Hey @Ivan, just a heads up that on https://docs.derivative.ca/Lister_Custom_COMP_Examples, several examples are not working if one follows the tutorial. Looks like the documentation is outdated.
I’m working in 2020.26630

  1. file lister.
    Ordering data by clicking on column labels does not work. (Fix: user first needs to enable ‘Input has headers’ and also ‘clickable headers’)

  2. Controlling a movieFileIn TOP.
    The supplied File parameter expression generates a Python error.
    (Fix: last '' is missing)

  3. Advanced Callbacks and custom pop-up help example
    There is no popup help string when following the tutorial, not sure what directive is missing.

Thanks I’ll go through that old thing soon!

  1. file lister.
    Yup, changed defaults so that needed to be fixed

  2. Controlling a movieFileIn TOP.
    Quotes like that not allowed in mediawiki. I learned the < nowiki > flag today.

  3. Advanced Callbacks and custom pop-up help example
    Could not replicate this one. It worked for me. The possible gotchas there are: Do Advanced Callbacks must be on and the name of the callback must be onInitCell + your column name. @nettoyeur If you did all that and still have it would you send me your lister so I can test it?

correct - in case of 3) it seems I was being stupid, after doing that advanced callbacks tutorial again it now works fine on my machine.

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