Experimental 36504, 37030, Flex and Analyze TOP NaN exclude feature

Hello friendly people at Derivative,

I’ve been having a really nice time with the new Flex features in the experimental build 36504 as it’s allowed me to go ahead with a gig I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten but the latest experimental 37030 doesn’t seem to have it so I’ve been rolling with 36504 still.

However, using the analyse TOP on the Flex TOP output yields a NaN result which led me to find this page (last updated this February) in the wiki: https://docs.derivative.ca/Experimental:Analyze_TOP . It lists a feature called “exclude NaN” which sounds like exactly what I’m looking for however it is not listed in the build 37030 release notes.

Would it be possible to have this feature, along with the Flex stuff in the same build for the next release?

Many thanks,

I just posted the latest Flex build which includes all the latest experimental changes:

Here’s a direct link to the build:

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Thanks Eric.

Hi Eric,

The project in question which needs the features has been put on hold for a few weeks so sorry for the late reply but it doesn’t appear that the “exclude NaNs” feature is implemented in this build either.


Ah, yes, sorry about that. Here’s a link to the latest Flex branch build: