Experimental Build 2019.11370 posted

This build includes several important and exciting updates.

Some key improvements have been made to DMX In CHOP to better control startup states of a project. NDI operators have received a number of fixes for stability and an update to NDI SDK 3.8.

The FBX and USD Components now sport a callbacks DAT allowing to dynamically make changes and edits to the network that is imported. This can be useful for changing material, texture, and geometry settings or re-configuring your network in a multitude of ways.

Offline documentation is now included in the installation package, no additional setup required. If TouchDesigner is not connected to the internet, it will use the internal offline documentation (caveat: this does not include videos).

Last but not least, for Windows users with Nvidia GPUs we have added support for Nvidia Flow in a new Nvidia Flow Emitter COMP and Nvidia Flow TOP. This feature set brings combustible fluid, fire and smoke simulation to TouchDesigner!

This is still a work in progress, and documentation will be forth coming, but to get you started we’ve attached an example with 4 different effects to preview the features. Performance is highly dependent on your GPU, this file can run at 60fps on a GTX 1060, but only around 30fps on a Quadro K5000, so try them one by one or turn them all on if you have the power. :sunglasses:

Flow.toe (45 KB)
Read the release notes for more details and a run down of all the other features and fixes in this build.

Release Notes


The addition of Nvidia Flow is really exciting, thank you.