Experimental Build 2019.30790 posted

We are happy to share with you the next experimental branch of TouchDesigner we’ve been working on.

If you are joining us in Montreal this weekend, talk to us about the new features that excite you and have a great summit!

Some highlights include…

Python 3.7.2 is now the built-in version of python, check for backward compatibility issues.

New tools for working with Point Clouds with a new Point File In TOP, Buffer Select TOP, TOP Viewer modes, a new Function TOP and additions to the Math TOP. All to better serve working with more data types on the GPU.

While we’re working with data on the GPU, you can now create instances directly from TOPs without the need to go to CHOP/SOP/DATs on the CPU.

Binding workflows have been extended to CHOP Channels with a new Bind CHOP and DATs through expressions giving you more ways to use bi-directional binding.

New Web Client DAT replaces the Web DAT, and we are very excited to announce a new Web Server DAT letting you run web servers from TouchDesigner. Additionally, a completely new SocketIO DAT extends TouchDesigner’s socket.io support. We look forward to seeing what interesting use cases you find for this new group of DATs and we’ll continue to build on their feature set.

Video Device In/Out TOPs now support Blackmagic Design’s new 11.x drivers which we know many of you have been patiently waiting for. Better support for AJA devices and Ximea cameras have also been added.

LTC support has been improved to support higher frame rates and additional options like a ‘Total Frames’ output make it easier to use.

The Object CHOP and Transform CHOP have received a full overhaul and now have a multitude of new options for working with matrices and quaternions.

A new Raster SOP is ready to play with the recently released Laser CHOP.

And this is just a sampling of the new features your’ll find in this experimental build. Check the release notes for the full list of improvements.

Release Notes


Big ups for the Raster SOP!


Notch TOP - Added group names as section headers when generating the custom parameters of a Notch block.
This will be an immense help for complex Notch blocks, have already run into needing this for blocks with 30+ exposed parameters.


Hello everyone, we pulled down 2019.30550 and replaced it with 2019.30790. The previous build had the same critical bug as 2019.18360 (also pulled and replaced with 2019.18580) and we wanted to avoid any further possibility of file corruption. Very sorry for the inconvenience this issue may have cause any of you.

If you have 2019.30550, update to this 2019.30790 immediately.

If you are using 2019.18360 still, update to 2019.18580 which was posted last week as a replacement.


Has anyone got the Raster SOP to work? When I try, TD just locks up. Tested with various low res TOP content including a 64x64 circle.

2019.30790. Windows 10 64 bit

Thanks for reporting this. The fix will be in the next experimental release. Apologies for the inconvenience.