Experimental Build 2020.40290 posted

We’re happy to share with you the first build of the 2020.40000 Experimental series today. :sparkles::tada: :star_struck:
This build represents much of the new development we have been working on over over the past 5 months.

Full Release Notes and Download

Two major overhauls include 3D Viewer camera controls and panel’s Drag-and-Drop system. The 3D viewers get new navigation modes, scroll wheel dolly, a new outline shader and 3D Spacemouse support. The Drag-and-Drop system is all new using python callbacks to really power-up the workflow of UIs in TouchDesigner.

A few brand new operators have been introduced!

  • wrnchAI CHOP supports wrnchAI skeleton tracking from any camera of video stream.
  • FreeD CHOP brings FreeD camera tracking data into CHOP channels.
  • JSON DAT parses JSON and filter output, which eliminates having to write scripts to parse and manipulate JSON.

NotchLC encoding is now supported in the Movie File Out TOP to accompany playback already supported. This makes TouchDesigner the first and only real-time NotchLC encoder available and the most complete tool for NotchLC workflows.

The Video Stream In TOP now supports HLS/DASH input via URLs that point to m3u8 files as well as support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol using srt:// URLs.

Check out the new scalable font rendering option in the Text TOP, this is using Slug library which is a fully GPU-based high quality renderer and text layout engine. This will enable many additional features soon and the quality of the font rendering is beautiful. Font support has also been fixed to properly load all embedded font styles from an installed font instead of just the default.

There are a ton of other features to read about in the Release Notes, as well as many more additions we are currently working on that are coming soon.

Caution as always with experimental builds, features are in flux and some are still a work in progress. Refer to the Known Issues and Backward Compatibility warnings at the bottom of the release notes. For performances, installations, project deliveries, we always recommend using the production-ready Official Builds. For Windows users, the new Installer makes is much easier to install and maintain multiple builds!

Please report all issues and bugs in the Bugs Forum. But also, please let us know what you think and are excited for down below, its encouraging to hear what excites you in this major update of TouchDesigner!


Fixed dragging and dropping of CHOP channels onto parameters that were already exported onto.

About time :slight_smile:

In General liking the additions. Digging the HLS support (can we also get that for audioStreamInCHOP ?) and of course the DragAndDrop callbacks. (Would be great if there would a way of returning files as drag-targets, maybe instead of {item:op} also add a file-key for the returned dict.

JSON-DAT will be handy. Just thinking, when using it with a webClientDAT, the webClientDAT will blank out on a new request. Might be good to then only blank out when a response is received to keep the JSON-DAT consistent.

Most excited about the camera controls .

3d mouse support woohooo

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Slug typography, w0000t! :smiley:

The compositing options in TOPs is a VERY handy addition.

Would be great if they could also be added to other things, specifically the Edge TOP (or at least a comp UNDER input option) to do things like quickly outline text and other UI elements that may have unknown colors behind them.

There might be other novel uses that people would discover by adding them to other TOPs like Blur, Threshold, Emboss, Monochrome, Slope, Maybe even the HSV Adjust and Luma / Level TOPs. Basically anything that modifies pixel values, but not locations or quantity.

Improvements to the 3d viewer woohoo :smiley:

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