Experimental Build 2020.42700 posted

A huge experimental update is now available for download with exciting new features to talk about!

Full Release Notes and Download

First a bunch of new operators :star2:

  • Lens Distort TOP - An inverse lens distortion shader with options to choose whether camera matrix values are normalized or in pixels.
  • Phaser CHOP - New CHOP for phase-staggered animations . Thank you @DavidBraun
  • Sprinkle SOP - New SOP that sprinkles points on a SOP surface.
  • Point Transform TOP - New TOP that treats the RGB channels as XYZ positions or vectors and performs a 3D transformations on those positions.

Next some major additions for heavily used OPs :fire:

  • Video Stream Out TOP / Video Stream In TOP - Added SRT output (H265) support to Video Stream Out TOP and the ability to send CHOP and DAT data along SRT connections as per-frame metadata.
  • NDI In TOP - Added support for ‘Hardware Decode’ for NDI|hx stream codecs.
  • RealSense TOP - Added support for the new D455 and SR305 sensors.
  • ZED - Added support for ZED 2 Cameras , upgrade to SDK 3.2.2.
  • Web Server DAT - Added ‘Certificate Password’ parameter to fix usage of password-protected certificates in secure servers.
  • TOP to CHOP - Added ‘Output as Single Channel Set’ parameter to output a single channel set rather than outputting separate channels, this is much faster than before.

Some great python additions as well :zap:

  • COMP Class - New methods saveByteArray() and loadByteArray() for saving and loading .tox files directly to and from memory.
  • COMP Class.loadByteArray() also accepts ‘bytes’ type objects.
  • SysInfo Class - New members MIDIInputs and MIDIOutputs which return a list of all MIDI input/output device names.
  • Palette:debugControl - A bunch of new debug logging features have been added and this component to help test changes to the “debug” command.

Finally, thanks to everyone for all the great bug reports! The experimental builds are polishing up nicely and we’re working towards making 2020.40k official as soon as possible. Please review the Release Notes for a full list of bug fixes and improvements, and take note of the Backward Compatibility warnings and Known Issues for this build as well.

Let us know what you’re excited about in the comments below.
Enjoy :maple_leaf:


new OPs! ahhhh can’t resist…

Amazing! The phaser CHOP will make working with lighting fixtures so much easier. Thank you @DavidBraun