Experimental Build 2020.44350 posted

This build should have something for everyone, with small additions and polish spread throughout and a long list of new additions to boot.

Release Notes and Download

Major Additions

RealSense CHOP overhaul and Cublemos Skeleton Tracking - finally RealSense cameras have an option for skeleton tracking through the Cubemos SDK. This will work with all newer RealSense cameras as it uses the new librealsense API. Note that the old Windows-only deprecated API has been completely removed from the RealSense CHOP, projects using that will have to stay on older builds of TouchDesigner. Cubemos requires an additional license, but it has a reasonable price of $75 and there is a 30-day trail to test it out.

OpenCV 4.5 - We’ve included the entire OpenCV 4.5 package now (as much as licensing allows us) including CUDA and opencv_controb modules. New libs and headers available in Samples/CPlusPlus/3rdParty to make it easier to get started with Custom and C++ OPs.

Web Render TOP - Now has options to ‘Enable Media Stream’ which gives mic and camera access to the web pages.

Video Device In TOP - A major update to the Flir camera support via Spinnaker SDK, including access to controlling camera options, manual capture triggering, and loading presets.

OpenVR CHOP - Overhauled to be more inline with Steam configurations and it also brings support for the new Valve Index headset.

New Python

ParTuple Class lets you treat groups of parameters as one unit, such as XYZ, RGBA, UV parameters etc.

CUDAMemory Class has a new ‘shape’ that better describes width, height, number of compnents and datatype of the CUDA memory.

SOP Class.numVertices returns the total number of vertices in the primatives of the SOP.

Improvements and fixes

There are dozens and dozens of improvements and fixes in this release, please check the Release Notes for a list of everything.

Backward Compatibility
An important note, there are at least half a dozen BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY changes in this release, so please be aware if you use any of those features affected. We don’t like doing these types of changes, but sometimes they are required. We tried to group a number of them together in this build, please review them!

As always, thank you for your support and feedback. Let us know how the new additions are working for you and any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Loving the new dependancy object! So now it would be awsome to get a dependancy CallbackDAT :smiley:

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Hi. Very new to TD, but have Realsense 435 and this version offers skeletal tracking with the new Realsense CHOP and Cubemos.

With the trial version of Cubemos, the latest Realsense SDK and new CHOP I am following M Reagan tutorial on Kinect Tracking and substituting the Realsense. Only issue is the Realsense CHOP only gets X, Y coordinates and no Z.

The Cubemos viewer shows correct tracking with three pixel coordinates. Am I missing something?

All and any guidance greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

Love the space mouse integration - it’d be cool if these changes when in the viewport automatically updated the transform for the camera and light objects. Right now you need to click inside of the viewport to have the transforms update :slight_smile:

It currently only supports 2D tracking via the color image and therefore is only returning u and v in pixel or normalized values.

That’s looks like a bug ( you mean with the ‘lock to view’ toggle on correct? ). In fact a found a couple issues with views updating between those modes, we’ll look into it.

Thanks Ben, although not want I wanted to hear.

As a newbie, would it be possible to use the depth image and use it’s data to combine with the x, y info to get a 3D position?

If this question should be elsewhere please advise.

Best regards.