Experimental Build 2020.45520 posted

Happy new year to everyone! :confetti_ball:

This update to experimental is a huge push on bug fixes as we polish this branch for official status soon. We hope you can all bang on it and let us know if you find any major issues before the big release.

Please note there are three Backward Compatibility changes in this build.

The list of improvement is massive, so refer to the release notes for a full change log.
Release Notes and Download


@Ben you are pointing at the wrong releasenotes :slight_smile:

My apologies, fixed.

@ben I see that somehow my text for the Inside TOP op snippet ended up with all the Script TOP op snippets in this build - so that’s the first thing that can be removed for the final version :wink:


idzard, many apologies for using your words of wisdom out of context, multiple times. We’ll inject the proper text for those snippets in the next build we put out.

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Happy new year to you Ben , be well and safe

nVidia h264/265 moviefileout still crashing with my RTX 3090 (last driver 460.89). I hope you will find a 30xx card!

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micro issue: in Op Snippets the Nvidia Flow TOP example is ordered on F instead of N like in the Op Create Dialog

Im getting „random“ extension reinits at runtime. Having a hard time reproducing . Anyone else seen this ?

Can you send details to support@derivative.ca with a .toe file if that’s not something you can share on the forum? Thanks.

@Achim does it happen when you drag&drop a parameter? In that case I sent in that bug few days ago and it has been fixed for next release.
In that case temporary workaround is to remove the default TDFunctions line at the start of your extension code.

it’s when you copy a parameter. prepping a testcase now