Experimental Build 2021.39010 posted

Finally eh?! :sweat_smile:

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for this new Experimental version! We’re extremely happy to announce you can Download It Now and we hope you can enjoy lots of fun experimentation with it over the holidays. :gift:

This year’s experimental brings some major architectural changes, as the entire graphics pipeline has been ported from openGL over to Vulkan now. There are a few parts of TouchDesigner that still aren’t working with this new API, so please take time to read the Known Issues list.

Additionally, it’s important to review the Backward Compatibility notes for things you will have to address when opening older files.

I’m not going to go over all the new features here as the list is too long. Refer to the Release Notes for a complete review of everything we’ve packed into this new version.

Please post issues you find in the Bugs forum. You can expect frequent updates to the Experimental builds in early January after the holiday season.



Wow that is an insanely huge list of new features and improvements. Thank you for your amazing hard work and for listening to the users. :heart:


Just installed, some test and try, WOW!!!
Bravo for the team!


Wooooo hoooooooo! Congrats!


ensuring we are developing with the latest API that Apple is focusing their resources on.

SO happy to see macOS getting better support. Now I have no doubts I’ll stick to the platform and the newest chips (Mini Max pls).

Also VSTs supported is amazing news for us musicians.
TD is already my MIDI hub, I’ll end up skipping Ableton entirely at this pace :rofl:

Thank you so much and congrats for the release!


This is so exciting!

Thank you :)))

Christmas came early this year! Thanks for this incredible upgrade!

Congrats! Our prayers have been answered! We’ve seen some previews of those features a while ago and it was impossibly hard to wait for those to try on.

What an achievement. Bravo!

It is so beautiful Ben, I would love to know more about what Vulkan integration does for TouchDesigner. Does it improve the real-time render in some way or bring the output potential closer to what non-real-time animation software like Maya outputs? The audioVST chop is a full on game changer for me, I have essentially in any project that I plan to incorporate audio know have to wonder if Ableton should be involved. I would love it if the community created and shared sequencing tools in TouchDesigner or maybe I might try to build one. We shall see. Thanks to everyone at Derivative for all your incredible hard work!

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Check this toe. It’s a tutorial about pixel mapping but there’s a basic sequencer on the controller UI base. BPM detect built in.

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Thanks very much!

Here is one for you I bought from @owenkirby 's etsy the day the experimental was release, I have also bought Owen’s modular system and he has shared other great audio tools he has made in TouchDesigner with me, his work is inspired and the AudioVST chop opens up so much possibilities with them. Enjoy! Touchdesigner Drumsequencer and Drumsynth Electronic | Etsy Canada

These look great. It’s good to see more synthesis tools being developed for TD.
However I totally recommend using Max and link it to TD. Max has a plethora of music centered devices made by the community.

@owenkirby work is brilliant. When me met at the Hackathon he shared his focus on sound with me and I knew his tools would be amazing. Here is his summit talk which is all about his tools TouchDesigner Electronic Music Studio - Owen Kirby - YouTube .

Max is a whole world in its own and there is a tool in alpha that uses Max, Ableton and Sharedmem in TouchDesigner that when it’s released by its developer will blow minds. It was shared with me and I use it to bring stems in real-time between the apps yet it does so much more.

I see these all as tools now ready for amazing integrations with plugins now running in either TouchDesigner and Ableton. Sequencing and control change signals generating in either a unidirectional or bidirectional way. I have just done a build that end to end uses, plugins, max tools, Ableton and Two instances of TouchDesigner with Audio and Midi as well as video routing through the procedure via loopmidi, NDI (for both audio and video between the TouchDesigner instances) and the shared memory tool to bring the audio from Ableton into TouchDesigner. The end result is a stream and mov file with mastered audio using plugins in TouchDesigner which I would have dreamed of years ago. It’s too much fun!

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Experimental Builld 2021.39010 is now available. Definitely update immediately if you are trying out experimental builds, we squashed a ton of bugs in the last month.

We also have some really nice improvements to DATs we think you’ll all love! :fire:
Release Notes

Thanks for all your reports and feedback! :heart:


DAT Viewers now support syntax highlighting


DAT custom zoom settings


Such a huge number of changes overall, any chance we might see it hit stable by mid-year?

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DAT syntax highlighting… Could it really be true? :0

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I can’t seem to get OSC data out of TD on my mac m1. Have you noticed the same issue? Or perhaps it could be some system setting on my machine…